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Fan Page Apps privacy policy

Data and permissions we handle and why
Fan Page Apps is a collection of apps that Facebook page administrator can install on their fan pages. When administrators install these apps, certain permissions are requested.

Why are you asking for all those permissions?
We realize we are asking for quite broad privileges to access your pages, this privacy policy will clarify why we need those privileges and what we intend to do with them.

Offline access permission
Many of the apps require access to the feed. For example Fan of the Week may pick a winner while the administrator is not online and to be able to do this it requires the ability to read the page feed at any time. Similarly Top Fans needs to scan the feed, even when the administrator is offline.

Write / read wall / manage pages permission
We have to ask for these, otherwise we cannot read your page's wall or post to it. Reading is required to pick the fan of the week, writing is required to announce which fan got picked.

Email permission
You may be contacted about app-related notifications and there may be some lifecycle emails. If we launch a new page extension in the future, we may use email to promote it to you. You can always unsubscribe from any emails by one click.

How we handle your data
We may store information about your page feed (who posted what and when, who liked it, who commented on it and information about the comments) in our database for the purpose of picking fans as "Fan of the Week". We might also want to collect statistics about what kind of impact the app is having in your page activity.

Any user interaction with the app (clicks, user IDs) may be stored so that the app can be improved based on this information. Other statistics may be gathered using the permissions you have granted us, if that could help improve the app.

Any information grant by Facebook about the administrators of the apps may be stored. Currently this includes fields such as the e-mail address of the administrator, their name, time zone and user ID.

The data is stored "in the cloud" on Google app engine servers.

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